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ISPGAYA is composed of three schools: Higher School of Science and Technology, Higher School of Business Sciences and School of Advanced Studies.

Higher School of Science and Technology

Diretor: Sérgio Sargo — Professor Doutor


The Higher School of Science and Technology (ESCT) was established under Ordinance no. 1061/90 of 18 October and has been part of ISPGAYA since its inception in 1990. ESCT is managed by a Board of Directors which includes the head and course coordinators.

ESCT develops its activity focused on Higher Education, projects for the provision of services and collaboration at national and international level, applied research and high-level technological development.

ESCT’s training offer covers important areas of current scientific and technological development, and fits the most pressing global needs.

The degree courses are registered with the OET – Technical Engineers Association ( and acknowledged by FEANI – European Federation of National Associations of Engineers (

Professional Higher Technical Courses



Higher School of Business Sciences

Diretor: José Manuel de Castro Oliveira — Coordinating Professor


The School of Business Sciences (ESCE) is an organic unit that is part of ISPGAYA. ESCE is managed by a Board of Directors, which includes the head and coordinators of the courses that comprise it.

The existence of the ESCE aims to provide ISPGAYA with a capacity for excellence in the area of business sciences in three areas: (i) higher education, (ii) applied research and (iii) technology transfer and the provision of high-level services.

The training offer of ESCE includes Higher Professional Technical Courses (CTeSP), Degrees, Postgraduates and, soon, Masters. Short-term face-to-face specialised courses, e-learning and b-learning are also part of the training provided.

In terms of research, teachers seek to participate in projects of a local to international scope, promoting the development of academic technical-scientific knowledge. This research results in publications and/or the incorporation of results in civil and business society to contribute to its progress.

The ISPGAYA School of Business Sciences intends for students to enjoy a connection to the business reality, provided by analysis of case studies, business simulations, seminars, study visits, internships, participation in consultancy actions.

Professional Higher Technical Courses


School of Advanced Studies

Diretor: Lino Augusto Tavares Dias — Main Coordinator Professor


The School of Advanced Studies is an ISPGAYA structure that brings together and develops all scientific, theoretical and practical, technically specialised, non-degree courses, with different durations. In this school, postgraduate and specialisation courses are developed that, due to their interdisciplinary nature, are dependent on the acknowledgment of the Scientific Technical Council, enabling flexibility in schedules and content applied to active professionals and students who wish to deepen their knowledge.