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Computer Engineering

A computer engineer can create something just from an idea, connect everything around them and, at the same time, work anywhere in the world.


Jorge Manuel de Azevedo Pereira Simões

Jorge Simões


The Computer Engineering course at ISPGAYA provides markedly practical and experimental training, based on the theoretical knowledge required for the exercise of Engineering.

The degree in Computer Engineering aims to train professionals in the field of information and communication technologies, with the ability to direct projects, communicate clearly and effectively, work and guide multidisciplinary teams, adapt to changes and to learn autonomously throughout life.

Due to the close relationship between the faculty and students, the quality of the laboratories, the existing connection to the surrounding community, the Computer Engineering course at ISPGAYA allows a quick insertion of its graduates in the job market, as demonstrated by its high rate of employability.

They will be prepared to effectively apply techniques and tools of Computer Engineering, current and future. This versatility makes them especially valid in organisations where permanent innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit are required. They will also be able to take responsibility tasks in organisations, both technical and managerial, and contribute to the management of information and knowledge.

Graduates in Computer Engineering from ISPGAYA can apply for admission to the Association of Technical Engineers, at the Specialty College of Computer Science.


Daytime / Post-Work


6 Terms


EQF Level 6

A3ES Accreditation


Professional Opportunities

  • Application developer (back-end, front-end and full-stack developer);
  • Computer and service developer;
  • IT systems project manager;
  • Network and systems administrator;
  • Network engineer;
  • Software engineer;
  • System engineer;
  • Technical-commercial of information and communication technologies;

Admission Exams

  • Matemática
  • Minimum application grade: 98 points
  • Minimum score of national exams: 95 points

A3ES Accreditation

Employability Data and Statistics


Never stop learning

Come be part of the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders, join us!

Live a challenging, enriching and motivating experience.

My second little home, where everyone knows each other and helps each other, is the environment you can expect from ISPGAYA. In classes, the strong practical component extends to all curricular units, helping to understand theoretical concepts more easily and creating a robust foundation for a professional future. I used to say that it was ISPGAYA that chose me, but looking back today, on the first day, it was me who would choose ISPGAYA!
Rui Moreira

Rui Moreira

Estudante ISPGAYA

Estudante de Licenciatura no ISPGAYA

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