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Computer Engineering

A computer engineer can create something just from an idea, connect everything around them and, at the same time, work anywhere in the world.

Não sabes que tipo de candidatura mais se adequa à tua situação? O ISPGAYA disponibiliza vários regimes de acesso as suas licenciaturas. Escolhe o que mais se adequa a ti e fica a saber tudo o que precisas de fazer para te inscreveres e começar uma nova aventura.

General Regime

Holders of a secondary education course or legally equivalent qualification.

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Special Access Contests

Holders of a DET, CTeSP, higher education courses or candidates approved in specific exams.

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Professional Education

Holders of secondary-level vocational courses.

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International Students

Students who do not have Portuguese nationality.

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Applicants who are 23 years old until 31 December of the year preceding the exams.

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Special Regimes

Application schemes for higher education aimed at students with specific qualifications and personal conditions.

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Change of Institution/Course Pair

Students who have previously attended or attend higher education courses.

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Open Regime

Possibility of enrollment in isolated curricular units by any interested party.

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Never stop learning

Come be part of the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders, join us!

Live a challenging, enriching and motivating experience.

My second little home, where everyone knows each other and helps each other, is the environment you can expect from ISPGAYA. In classes, the strong practical component extends to all curricular units, helping to understand theoretical concepts more easily and creating a robust foundation for a professional future. I used to say that it was ISPGAYA that chose me, but looking back today, on the first day, it was me who would choose ISPGAYA!
Rui Moreira

Rui Moreira

Estudante ISPGAYA

Estudante de Licenciatura no ISPGAYA

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