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Change of Institution/Course Pair

Students who have previously attended or attend higher education courses.

Who Can Apply

Students who have previously attended or are currently attending higher education courses in Portugal or abroad can apply for these schemes.

Ranking Criteria

Ranking criteria used:

  • 1st – Number of subjects approved in the course of origin, and the ranking, in the case of foreign applicants with a completed course, must consider the final grade of the course;

  • 2nd – Simple arithmetic average of the subjects taken in the original course;

  • 3rd – Age.


  • Online application on the page;
  • Application (ISPGAYA model);
  • Certificate of enrolment in a Portuguese or foreign higher education institution and course;
  • Certificate of completion of Secondary Education or legally equivalent qualification;
  • ENES form or equivalent document;
  • Production of the identification document.


Action 1.ª Phase 2.ª Phase 3.ª Phase
Delivery of Requirements 11/03/2024 a 13/07/2024 15/07/2024 a 13/09/2024
Posting of the Notice of Contest 27/07/2024 20/09/2024
After the end of one phase, applications for unfilled vacancies will be accepted, provided that the applicant’s curricular integration is possible.


Action Price
Re-entry 125 €
Internal course change 125 €
Application* 150 €
Enrolment** (semestrial) 120 €
Enrolment*** (semestrial) 180 €
Monthly tuition fee 305 €
*Change of Institution/Course Pair
**Joining the payment of tuition fees by direct debit
***Without joining the payment of tuition fees by direct debit


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