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Our masters provide the knowledge and tools necessary to always be one step ahead in a constantly changing world.

Cybersecurity and Computer Systems Auditing

Cybersecurity is about information protection. Preventing, detecting and mitigating cyberattacks is essential for conscientious companies and and a modern society.

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Estudante de Licenciatura no ISPGAYA
  • Expand Horizons

    The realisation of a master's degree is to take more than one step forward in the professional path. Choosing, learning more and better leads to a path of change and leadership in organisations.

  • Boost Careers

    The master's degree allows for the enrichment of more specialised global skills, enabling the differentiating professional performances required for the success of organisations.

  • Professional and Personal Appreciation

    Being a master is to deepen knowledge and understanding skills necessary to enrich the professional and personal curriculum, creating opportunities for strong employability and a network of networking.