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In partnership with SANTANDER Universities, we offer the ISPGAYA card that will accompany you throughout your academic life with excellent benefits.


In partnership with SANTANDER Universities, we offer the “ISPGAYA Card” free of charge as identification for Students, Teachers and Non-Academics.

It is a smart card that includes contact and contactless technologies, Dual Chip technology, which will allow you to combine several functions in a single card, such as:

  • Identification as a member of the academic community of ISPGAYA;
  • Access existing internal services in the Institution;
  • Controlling access to specific spaces and equipment.

Optionally, you can join the banking capacity of the card by adding more innovative features such as Paypass payment technology:

  • EMV chip with the latest DDA technology, which increases transaction security, further reducing the risk of fraud;
  • Contactless – the ideal solution with advanced technology for payments up to €20 with no need to enter a Personal Code (PIN), simply by placing the card near the Contactless reader connected to the Automatic Payment Terminal.

ISPGAYA Card Issuance

To issue the ISPGAYA card, you must fill in a form called “Ficha-Foto” which allows collecting information about the user for issuing the card:

  • Name to be entered on the card (First and Last);
  • Citizen Card no. (only the first eight digits);
  • Photograph (pass type) that will be shown on the card.

To issue the ISPGAYA Card, the following data are sent to SIBS:

  • User number;
  • Name;
  • Citizen Card no.;
  • Course.

Frequently asked questions

1. Where will I pick up my Card?

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After the card is produced, when it arrives at ISPGAYA, it is registered and validated, which triggers an automatic notification to the Student with the information needed to collect the card.

2. Is the ISPGAYA Card required to open the laboratory door?

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Yup. Only with an authorised card is it possible to open the laboratory door.

3. What is the validity of the ISPGAYA card?

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The validity of the card is visible on its face:

  • Students - validity considers account the number of years left to complete the course.
  • Teachers/Non-teachers - validity is 4 years (maximum validity of the card).

4. What if the validity of the Card has expired?

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Renewal is made after filling out the “Photo Card” form ( )

5. What information is visible on the ISPGAYA card?

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On the ISPGAYA card, certain elements can be displayed that allow identifying the user:

  • Face: Photo, Name, Category, validity and personal identification number;
  • Verse: Personal identification number, barcode.

6. How long does the delivery of the ISPGAYA card take?

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Once requested, the card may take approximately 22 business days to be delivered. When requested at the start of the school year, the deadline may be extended.