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Successful organisations can't have accounting issues. In addition to learning accounting and taxation, we prepare you to take on challenges in any type of company.


Filipa Joana Branco da Silva

Filipa Silva


The Accounting course at ISPGAYA provides markedly practical and experimental training, based on the theoretical knowledge required for professional practice.

The Degree in Accounting aims to train professionals in the areas of Accounting and Taxation, as well as in other functional areas of the company, based on ethical values ​​and solid technical and scientific preparation, capable of taking on the challenges of new organisational paradigms and information technologies and to exercise, with efficiency, responsibility and critical thinking, the duties of accountant, both in the public and private business sector. This degree is recognised by the Association of Chartered Accountants (OCC).

Graduates in Accounting at ISPGAYA who intend to qualify for the exam of the Association of Chartered Accountants are granted the equivalence of a professional internship.


Daytime / Post-Work


6 Terms


EQF Level 6

A3ES Accreditation


Professional Opportunities

  • Accounting technician;
  • Chartered Accountant (after enrolment in the Association of Chartered Accountants);
  • Data analyst;
  • Financial auditor;
  • Financial consultant;
  • Financial manager;
  • Management controller;
  • Project finance manager;

Admission Exams

  • Português ou Matemática ou Economia
  • Minimum application grade: 98 points
  • Minimum score of national exams: 95 points

A3ES Accreditation

Employability Data and Statistics


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Hello, my name is Nuno Fonseca. I am 57 years old and a former student of ISPGAYA, with a degree in accounting. They say that knowledge doesn't take up space, which is why, when I was 53, I decided to increase my knowledge in my field of work. The motto of this institution is "Where the future takes you" and I would add "The future where ISPGAYA helps you reach". I chose ISPGAYA at a good time because we were all like a very large family, which facilitated the realization of my goal.
Nuno Fonseca

Nuno Fonseca


Hello, I'm Elisabeth Silva and at 44 years old, after several years of postponing, I decided to go back to studying. I knew about ISPGAYA because my son was already attending it, and it was easy for me to decide on the institution. I attended the Management course, and after three intense but rewarding years, I decided to pursue a new degree, and in four years, I completed two degrees, Management and Accounting. The path was not always easy, but I always felt the support of the institution and the professors, who maintain a very close relationship with the students. Do I recommend ISPGAYA to others? Absolutely, it was an enriching and rewarding experience for me. I gained a new family, and ISPGAYA will always be my home.
Elizabeth Silva

Elizabeth Silva


Estudante de Licenciatura no ISPGAYA

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