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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is being at the forefront of organizations. Review performance indicators, manage social networks and create effective digital strategies.


Daniel Filipe Abreu de Sousa


The ISPGAYA Higher Technician course in Digital Marketing provides markedly practical and experimental training, based on the theoretical knowledge required for professional practice.

The course structure is oriented towards training technicians capable of intervening in the different areas of digital marketing, ensuring that the contents of the different curricular units have a strong practical component based on theoretical concepts that cannot be overlooked. Being a technician in Digital Marketing is being at the forefront of organisations, it is challenging, it is rewarding on a personal and professional level. It is being disputed by the market.

There is a shortage of digital marketers. The reality of this situation is also reinforced by the numerous contacts that ISPGAYA receives for its students to attend internships in the Greater Oporto area.

The Association of Digital Marketing Professionals demonstrates the importance that digital marketing and its professionals represent in the job market and for companies.

Graduate Activities

  • Coordinate media planning and online tools and media;
  • Create content for the digital environment in line with the needs of target consumers;
  • Define and apply market segmentation criteria in the digital sphere;
  • Define, implement and evaluate a company’s digital marketing plan.
  • Develop and coordinate digital marketing campaigns;
  • Develop and execute the marketing and communication planning of an online market strategy;
  • Manage and select the best communication tools for the implementation of branding strategies defined in the digital sphere;
  • Manage and use the new available digital media using innovative techniques for selling goods, services and ideas;
  • Manage brand identity and positioning;
  • Monitor and manage the impact of digital marketing campaigns;
  • Monitor the application of commercial legislation in the marketing planning and communication of an online market strategy;
  • Plan and manage electronic commercial projects;




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EQF Level 5


With the aim of permanently monitoring the employment situation, ISPGAYA, through its Quality Observatory, maintains regular contact with its graduates.

The InfoCursos Portal of the Directorate-General for Education and Science Statistics (DGEEC) also presents data and statistics on the employability of the course.

Progression of Studies

Graduates of this CTeSP can apply for the following degree(s) without proof of entry:


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More than just an experience, my time at ISPGAYA has become an asset to my academic journey. The method used and practiced by the teachers has made me capable of facing the challenges of the business world.
Tiago Teixeira

Tiago Teixeira

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