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Electronic and Automation Engineering

Automatization is in our DNA. We want to revolutionise the industry and the places where we live, so we train electronics and automation engineers.


Mário António da Costa Santos

Mário Santos


The Electronic and Automation Engineering course at ISPGAYA provides markedly practical and experimental training, based on the theoretical knowledge required for the exercise of Engineering.

Graduates in Electronic and Automation Engineering at ISPGAYA have the scientific and technological knowledge that allows them to carry out projects for construction, assembly and use of any structure or system related to electronics and automation. With their own autonomy, prepared to maintain a dialogue with several departments and people, cultivating a taste for learning and research, they are able to adapt to the challenges of professional activity, qualified for the installation, control, programming, marketing and management of electronic systems, in the areas of home automation, microelectronics, industrial automation, robotics, electromedicine, among others.

The close relationship between the faculty and students, the quality of the laboratories and the existing connection to the surrounding business community, allows the course to offer a good connection with the economic and social fabric, implemented through end-of-course projects and of investigation.

Graduates may apply for admission to the Association of Technical Engineers, at the Specialty College of Electronics and Telecommunications.


Daytime / Post-Work


6 Terms


EQF Level 6

A3ES Accreditation


Professional Opportunities

  • Consultant in the Electronics and Automation Area;
  • Electronics and Automation Project Development Engineer;
  • Product Manager in the Electronics and Automation Area;
  • Senior Technician of Maintenance of Electronics and Automation Systems;

Admission Exams

  • Matemática A e Física (Química)
  • Minimum application grade: 98 points
  • Minimum score of national exams: 95 points

A3ES Accreditation

Employability Data and Statistics


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