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Our CTeSP are focused on a very practical teaching aspect, with guaranteed internship and the possibility of progression to one of our degrees without exams.

Accounting and Taxation

Take part in the growing globalisation of business and learn how to perform accounting, financial and tax duties in any type of organisation.

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Computer Networks and Systems

Technology is changing the world by connecting millions of devices. Gain versatile expertise when learning, installing and configuring network infrastructures.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is being at the forefront of organizations. Review performance indicators, manage social networks and create effective digital strategies.

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Electronics and Industrial Automation

Benefit from a world of opportunities in the field of electronics and automation. Develop skills in electrical installations and industrial automation systems.

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Management and Computing Applied to Business

Business success depends on technology and innovation. It allows to optimise technologies in the different areas of management, leading to better decision-making.

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Mechatronics Technology

The constant development of Industry 4.0 means that mechatronics professionals have their hands quite full. Come build the world of intelligent systems.

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Renewable energies are the sustainability of our planet. Learn the best techniques for installing and maintaining energy sustainable systems.

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SME Management

Transforming an idea into a business is within your reach. Discover the secrets of management and awaken your strategic, analytical thinking and leadership skills.

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Technologies and Programming of Information Systems

Come take your first steps in the world of programming, discover the power of information systems and quickly become a versatile professional in the area.

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Tourism Management

Contribute to the growth and positive impact of tourism. Help promote regions through tourist itineraries, event promotions and cultural animation.

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Never stop learning

Come be part of the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders, join us!

Live a challenging, enriching and motivating experience.

Estudante de CTeSP no ISPGAYA
  • Job and Internship Offers

    The internship is guaranteed and guaranteed by the institution. About 90% of ISPGAYA students are invited to work in the companies where they do internships.

  • High Practice Component

    In addition to greatly valuing the practical component in our training, we prepare students for the job market.

  • Access to the Degree

    CTeSPs guarantee a professional higher technician diploma. This gives the possibility to proceed to a degree, without national exams.