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What happens, happens here. If you are curious to know the latest news and the most relevant events for the community, this is the right place.

ISPGAYA launches its App: MyISPGAYA

The MyISPGAYA App is now available! ISPGAYA has just launched its mobile application. in this application, you are aware of everything that happens at ISPGAYA, from news, events and even get to know our facilities and a little about our city, Vila Nova de Gaia...

I Week of Science and Technology

From the partnership between ISPGAYA and CESAR School and the Nguzu Project, the 1st Science and Technology Week arises. From 14 to 17 October 2020, a series of online workshops and lectures will run, ranging from «Machine Learning Applications and Digital Tra...

ISPGAYA launches Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course

In partnership with the OPortoForte Group, ISPGAYA launches the Lean 6 Sigma Green Belt Course. This course is considered a pillar of the improvement process and is one of the most requested methodologies by companies in various segments. This course uses an i...

New bet on advertising media

In order to take our message further and further, thus contributing to the increase of our notoriety, we decided to bet on two advertising formats: billboards and buses.