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ISPGAYA commemorates World Tourism Day with a visit to Celorico da Beira

05 October, 2023
1 minute read
ISPGAYA commemorates World Tourism Day with a visit to Celorico da Beira

On September 27th, World Tourism Day, APROTURM/ISPGAYA, represented by Professor Dr. Óscar Silva, in partnership with the Municipal Council of Celorico da Beira and the economic weekly magazine Vida Económica, participated in the Round Table event "Thinking Tourism in Celorico da Beira."

The initiative, which had over a hundred participants, including local tourism entrepreneurs, researchers, Master's students, academics, and tourism professionals, allowed for the first-ever reflection on Tourism in the Interior, raising awareness among participants and stakeholders for greater proactivity in promoting tourist influx. It was recognized that it is possible to enjoy unique memorable experiences in all the municipalities that are part of the 12 Historical Villages of Portugal.

The ROUND TABLE - Thinking Tourism in Celorico da Beira began with the presentation of a proposal for an ANTHEM for the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) authored by composer Dr. Miguel Duarte Oliveira. The anthem, which had the honor of opening and closing the event, is a novelty since UNWTO does not yet have an anthem representing it in formal and protocolary events.

During the discussions, the interior of the country was highlighted as an excellent tourism destination, with the potential for collective positioning, cost synergies, and the strengthening of effective and complementary offerings. It was also emphasized that tourism in the interior requires anchor projects connected to its authenticity, cultural value, economic, political, and social value.

In 2023, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) chose "Tourism and Green Investments" as its theme, highlighting the need to invest in projects focused on people, focusing on education and skills, for the planet by investing in sustainable infrastructure and accelerating ecological transformation, and for prosperity by promoting innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.