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Finalists in Electronics and Automation among the top 12 projects in Wake Up 4.0.

10 July, 2023
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Finalists in Electronics and Automation among the top 12 projects in Wake Up 4.0.

Marcelo Almeida and Rui Santos, finalists of the Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Automation Engineering at ISPGAYA, won a scholarship in the Wake Up 4.0 industry competition with the M&Renewtech project - energy solutions, ranking among the top 12 ideas nationwide.

M&Renewtech is a company that offers personalized energy efficiency services for small businesses. The solution combines the use of solar panels with recycled batteries, allowing organizations to reduce their energy costs and become more sustainable. This technology-based startup, aligned with industry 4.0, utilizes advanced technologies and intelligent strategies to optimize energy generation and consumption. The project took the students to the semi-finals of the competition, which took place online, on June 2nd.

According to the students, who had the opportunity to visit startups and engage with the world of entrepreneurship during the selection phases of Wake Up 4.0, the project's differentiators include "battery recycling, personalized services, bi-hourly rates, and a strong commitment to sustainability, providing significant long-term savings."

With the goal of creating an innovative business idea, the students highlight the main challenge as "identifying the demand for energy efficiency services and the need to reduce energy costs in small businesses, as well as recognizing the importance of sustainability and the trend towards renewable energy adoption."

Marcelo Almeida and Rui Santos now intend to assess the technical and economic viability of the project, establish partnerships with renewable energy suppliers and qualified professionals, and develop customized solutions for each client. M&Renewtech provides installation of renewable energy systems, performance monitoring, and maintenance services.

The Wake Up 4.0 project, a program for the creation of new technology-based companies, was promoted by AECOA - Oliveira de Azeméis Business Association and INOV - Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering Innovation.