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ISPGAYA has a set of specialised services available to the academic community and the general public.

Academic Services

The academic services’ main mission is the administrative and academic management of all student processes, namely, handling applications, inscriptions, enrolments, issuing certificates and proofs, supporting students and teachers and evaluating applications for scholarships offered by the Institute.


ISPGAYA Editions

Responsible for the journal Politécnica and the edition of books related to academic topics. +info

GREXT - Office of Foreign Affairs

This department establishes the interface with the surrounding environment (schools, business fabric, public services, social communication), by publicising the institution through different means: social networks, participation in events, conferences and seminars. It is also responsible for the ISPGAYA newsletter.


GEE - Internship and Employment Office

It aims to guide students to the job market. This office establishes the connection between students and potential employers. For this, it has an up-to-date database of candidates and job offers in order to speed up the recruitment process. +info


GASISPGAYA – ISPGAYA Social Action Office

Its main objective is to clarify and coordinate the granting of scholarships, allowing equal opportunity of access to higher education, so that all students, regardless of their economic conditions, can attend our courses, by providing and granting support and social benefits, established within the scope of social action.

The Social Action Office also aims to support and ensure the implementation of an inclusion policy that guarantees academic success and the full participation of students with special educational needs in academic, social and cultural life.

Telephone: 22 374 57 31



The IT centre is the department responsible for installing and maintaining the institution’s IT equipment, internal network, cybersecurity and internet access. It also aims to provide students, teachers and employees with all the support and training needed for more efficient use of IT resources.


Data Protection Officer

Designated person involved in matters related to the protection and processing of personal and sensitive data, advice, monitoring and compliance of all security and data protection.


Centre for Electronics and Metal Mechanics

The Centre for Electronics and Metal Mechanics develops activities to support laboratory classes and training projects at ISPGAYA (CTeSP and Degrees). In addition, it supports the development of WIDESKILLS Hw and Sw projects. Other services provided by CEM: FDM rapid prototyping, laser engraving and PCB machining.