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ISPGAYA offers in its infrastructures, facilities, equipment and different teaching materials for a unique learning experience.

Sala das aulas

15 Classrooms


1 Auditorium


15 Laboratories





Centro de Informática

Centre for Electronics and Metal Mechanics

Centro de Informática

IT Center


The Institute recognises the high value that the library has, both in the permanent training of teachers and in the scientific training of students. Therefore, it annually invests large sums in the acquisition of scientific works that are available to the entire school community.

Computer Labs

ISPGAYA has in its facilities 7 rooms designated as Computer Laboratories, providing more than 70 computers.

The computer labs are open to the entire ISPGAYA community, and students, teachers or employees may use any computer, as long as it is not in a room where a class is taking place.

The computers are networked, and users can access the different servers and services provided by ISPGAYA, including free access to the Internet.

Digital and Analogue Electronics Laboratory

This space is intended for practical work on digital and analogue electronics discretely and using microprocessors, microcontrollers, FPGAs, among others.

This space is equipped with workbenches equipped with instrumentation (oscilloscope, signal generator and power supply).

It also has a set of didactic kits developed internally that allow support for practical work and projects.

Laboratory of Electrical Machines and Electrical Installations

This space is intended for practical work on electrical machines, electro-pneumatic drives and electrical installations.

This space has workbenches equipped with different types of electrical machines, speed variators and specific instrumentation.

It also has a model for teaching electrical energy systems in the medium voltage transmission and energy distribution component, as well as an ITED/ITUR experimentation panel and a panel for conventional assembly and testing of electrical installations, as in the incorporation of solutions of home automation with equipment resulting from partnerships with entities in the sector that are partners of ISPGAYA.

Automation and Electro-pneumatics Laboratory

This space is intended for practical work in automation and electro-pneumatic drives.

This space is eequipped with workbenches for programming practices of programmable controllers of different families, these controllers being equipped with Digital and Analogue IO cards and special cards.

It also has test cells and industrial equipment to support practical work and projects.

Laboratório de Máquinas Elétricas e Energia

Fluids and Heat Laboratory

This space is intended for the development of essays and tests in the field of thermodynamics and specific fluids in mechanics training.

This space has didactic HVAC equipment, didactic UTA, functional refrigerator cycle demonstrator, test bench for hydraulic circulation pumps, among others.

Additive Manufacturing Laboratory

This space is intended for product development practices in addition to the Production Processes Laboratory.

The laboratory is equipped with a large size polymeric filament melting printer (500x500x600mm), 2 polymeric filament melting printers with heated chamber.

This space is also equipped with an acrylic laser engraving and cutting centre and a PCB machining centre.

Mechanical Testing Laboratory

This space is intended for the development of mechanical tests specific to training in mechanics.

This space has fatigue testing and vibration testing equipment, combustion engine in cut and functional combustion engine, tensile test equipment for flexible cable terminals, semi-automatic mechanical polishing equipment for metallographic tests, digital microscope with 1000x magnification for metallographic inspection, furnace for heat treatment of metals, among others.

Production process laboratory

This space is intended for the development of techniques related to the specific production processes of training in mechanics.

This space is equipped with a manual and CNC machining centre, manual and CNC lathe, mechanical saw, guillotine, bending machine and manual calendar, TIG MIG and MMA welding station, Oxy-cut station for manual and automated use and table CNC for oxy-cutting.

Laboratory of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

This space is intended for the development of design practices, installation and monitoring of solar thermal, photovoltaic and wind energy facilities.

This space has instrumentation, multiple components and equipment specific to solar thermal, photovoltaic and wind energy facilities.

It also has equipment for charging electric vehicles, monitoring electrical consumption, measuring and compensating reactive power.



The IT Centre is responsible for the operation of ISPGAYA’s IT equipment and develops activities to support laboratory classes and ISPGAYA training projects.


Electronics and Metalworking Centre

The Electronics and Metalworking Centre develops activities to support laboratory classes and training projects at ISPGAYA.

In addition, it supports the development of WIDESKILLS Hw and Sw projects.


Snack Bar

In addition to the meal service, this is ISPGAYA’s leisure and social space. It has several support and entertainment facilities, such as cable TV, game machines, billiards and table football.

It also supports the institution’s social events.