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Engineering Seminars - WireMaze

24 November, 2022
1 minute read
Engineering Seminars - WireMaze

On the 22nd of November, took place at ISPGAYA, in the scope of the curricular units of Computer Engineering Pre-project and Seminars and Electronic and Automation Engineering Pre-project, a presentation session of the company WireMaze by the CSO, César Silva and the Digital Marketing Specialist, Nina Silva.

Besides the company's presentation, namely its mission, values, vision and clients, its platform "WireMaze Cityfy Platform®" was also presented. This platform is composed of modules covering the areas of citizenship, teams, partners and tourism, based on three fundamental pillars of modern society: communication, transparency and participation.

Afterwards, the WireMaze recruitment policy was presented, followed by a space for questions from the students of the Computer Engineering and Electronic and Automation Engineering degrees.