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General Regime

Holders of a secondary education course or legally equivalent qualification.

Who Can Apply

Holders of a secondary education course or legally equivalent qualification. Those who have passed the exams specifically designed to assess the ability to attend for those over 23 years old, under the terms of Decree-Law no. 64/2006, of 21 March.

Holders of a technological specialisation diploma (DET), a CTeSP diploma or a higher education degree may also apply for access, who wish to retrain.

Applicants Exempted from Exams

Phase Dates Results
1st Phase 11/03/2024 a 31/05/2024 28/06/2024
2nd Phase 03/06/2024 a 30/08/2024 20/09/2024
3rd Phase 02/09/2024 a 18/09/2024 23/09/2024


  • Online application
  • Certificate of completion of the access authorisation held
  • Presentation of Citizen Card

Ability Assessment for Attendance

Applicants holding a secondary education course, holders of diplomas, either in higher education or in a technological specialisation course, enter with the grades of their diplomas, safeguarding cases in which the qualifications do not fit into the relevant areas defined for the CTeSP, in which they take a Specific Entrance Exam.

Assessment Exams

Course Test
Accounting and Financial Advisory Economics or Maths or Portuguese or Accounting
Computer Networks and Systems Maths
Digital marketing Portuguese or Maths or English
Electronics and Industrial Automation Maths
Innovation Management in Technology and Creative Industries Portuguese or Economics or English
Machine Design and Industrial Robotics Maths
Management and Computing Applied to Business Economics or Maths or Portuguese
Mechatronics Technology Maths
Quality, Environment and Safety Management Maths or Portuguese or Economics or Accounting
SME management Maths or Economics
Technologies and Programming of Information Systems Maths
Tourism Activities Management 4.0 Geography or History or English
Tourism Management Geography or History or English

Applicants Not Exempted from Exams

Action 1.ª Phase 2.ª Phase 3.ª Phase
Enrolment in the Capacity Assessment Exams 11/03/2024 a 31/05/2024 03/06/2024 a 30/08/2024
Information sessions for specific entrance exams 03/06/2024 a 07/06/2024 04/09/2024 a 11/09/2024
Conducting specific entrance exams 17/06/2024 13/09/2024
Publication of grades 28/06/2024 20/09/2024
Submission of complaints and requests for re-examination of exams 28/06/2024 20/09/2024
Responding to requests for complaints and re-examination of exams 02/07/2024 23/09/2024
Registration/Enrolment 09/07/2024 a 23/07/2024 23/09/2024 a 07/10/2024


Action Price
Application 150 €
Enrollment* (semestrial) 120 €
Enrollment** (semestrial) 180 €
Monthly tuition fee 185 €
*Joining the payment of tuition fees by direct debit
**Without joining the payment of tuition fees by direct debit


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