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You want to help Ukraine?

17 March, 2022
1 minute read
You want to help Ukraine?

ISPGAYA hereby expresses and shares its solidarity with the Ukrainian people. At this moment, when there is a phenomenon of military aggression that no one is indifferent to will be a help and support for the families who have been forced to dismember themselves, men who have stayed behind to defend their identity, and women and children who flee to find their safety.

In this context, we appeal to his spirit of solidarity, contributing to the promotion of well-being, education, satisfaction of the emotional, physical, and social needs of some Ukrainians, through food, blankets and clothing.

If you wish to contribute with any well-referenced, please leave at the ISPGAYA bar on the 2nd floor.

ISPGAYA aims to make a difference and contribute to improving the future of the Ukrainian population.