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Tunas Festival in Canidelo

18 June, 2022
1 minute read
Tunas Festival in Canidelo

The Atuna Bira Copos-Tuna Mista do ISPGaya will be present, on June 17th and 18th, in the 2nd edition of the II Mixed Bira in Canidelo.

The Serenade, which will take place on the first day at 21h30, will be one of the high points of this Festival of Academic Tunas and will take place in the Canidelo Parish Centre. Sunday, besides the Rally Calles and some educational games, will be reserved for a concert-competition, at 9 p.m., between Tunas. The Tunas Atuna Bira Copos, TMIPCA, Literatuna and Viriatuna will be on stage at the Associação Recreativa de Canidelo.