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ISPGAYA attends 2nd Edition of the Porto Employability Exchange

29 March, 2023
1 minute read
Palácio da Bolsa @ 29/03/2023 10:05
ISPGAYA attends 2nd Edition of the Porto Employability Exchange

Fórum Turismo promotes the Employability Exchange, the largest national hiring event in the Tourism sector, which offers job and internship opportunities for young people looking for their first opportunity, professionals in search of a new challenge and unemployed people looking for a new area.

In this 2nd edition of the Porto Employability Exchange that takes place during today, the event will have the support and presence of the Instituto Superior Politécnico Gaya.

The Employability Exchange aims to accompany the success of the Tourism sector in Portugal, promoting employability in the areas of Tourism, Travel, Hospitality and Catering.

They aim to offer a new wave of opportunities for those looking to enter or progress their professional careers in the Tourism sector. "We hope that participants can take advantage of and take these opportunities with them for the rest of their professional lives," says the Employability Exchange representative.

With the Employability Exchange, Portugal reinforces its commitment to promote employability in the Tourism sector and contribute to the economic development of the country.