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Free ISPGAYA training: "Remote classes: Strategies for resilience"

04 May, 2021
1 minute read
Free ISPGAYA training: "Remote classes: Strategies for resilience"

On the 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th of June, from 10am to 12pm, there will be a free training, promoted by ISPGAYA.

"Remote classes: Strategies for resilience" will be the main theme of this training that will be coordinated by Emanuel Almeida (bus).

If we think about it, the world has changed and it has become more digital. Remote communications are no longer part of a “virtual reality” and impose themselves as a new normal. The pandemic has forced us to an incredible acceleration of digital life and remote communications, which we have resisted for years, are now part of our daily lives.

How to react to this new wave of modernity? What are the consequences of this new normality on our personal and social well-being? What about our work? What about our learning? What about the world of education? Will there still be room for affections? Is there still a place for the “integral human being”? Does it still make sense to be resilient? Or is resilience an analogical reality that will not be transferred to digital? What aspects of our lives have changed with this new digital world? Did we take care of everyone?

To facilitate the inevitable transition to the digital world, ISPGAYA, promote a cycle of free, unique, innovative and essential workshops, education professionals (teachers and psychologists) in order to minimize the social impacts of this new reality and to promote good practices. practices that facilitate the integration of new models of work and teaching with human nature.

This training consists of 4 combined of 2 hours, carried out online, using videoconferencing systems, with an interval of one week between each other to enhance your reflection and the acquisition of new concepts.

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