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Atlântico Business Summit - 5th edition

30 June, 2021
1 minute read
Atlântico Business Summit - 5th edition

The Atlântico Business Summit had its 1st edition in 2017, and was created with the purpose of promoting the exchange of ideas and the sharing of experiences between the academic world and the business network.

In this event, which takes place annually in the north of the country, the scientific articles (papers and/or case studies) submitted are presented and discussed, taking place, in parallel, special sessions with relevant Keynote Speakers at the business and academic level.

The Atlântico Business Summit, presents itself once again as a source of contribution to bring it closer to the academic and business world, filling a gap that has long coexisted in contemporary society.

It is important to contextualize that ISPGAYA is a partner in this initiative. This conference intends to make a valuable contribution to such pressing and current issues as entrepreneurship, tourism, digital economy, human resources and management, in its multiple approaches, having in each of its editions a comprehensive panoply of approaches that are made to the themes in cause.

It should be noted that in the form of a scientific article or a case study, the Atlântico Business Summit aims to be an engine for the production of knowledge and the sharing of knowledge, fostering applied research and tracing new directions and paths in research in the targeted themes. Each author is invited in each issue to promote an incisive approach and a concern and commitment, in the sense of broadening, clarifying and adding knowledge to the journal's core themes. The submitted and presented articles portray the main focus of the researchers' interests, thus contributing to the advancement of knowledge in these areas.

In 2021 takes place the 5th edition of this event. For this reason, click here to find out all the information, namely, the broad themes and the entities that are most part of the Commission