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Our approach to applied research is highly interdisciplinary, promoting the transfer of knowledge between the ISPGAYA community and society.

WIDESKILLS, Inovação, Projetos e Soluções, Lda

WIDESKLLIS acts as a business interface for ISPGAYA, offering services such as R&D, consulting, projects and market studies to the community.

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In addition to helping the community to learn, research and seek the truth, our library is dedicated to expanding everyone’s knowledge and intellectual exploration.

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Journal of Psychology, Education and Culture

Scientific journal that follows the different currents of thought on the themes of educational sciences, psychology and sociology.

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Scientific Publications

ISPGAYA develops scientific research in the different areas in which it offers training, resulting in publications, books, chapters and scientific papers.

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Research and Development Center

Research only becomes useful when shared with society, for this ISPGAYA relies on the CID to promote the scientific production of its community.

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Dedicated to knowledge and scientific initiative, we want, through the Polytechnic, to stimulate research, publicise knowledge and arouse the desire to know.

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