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Applicants who are 23 years old until 31 December of the year preceding the exams.

Who Can Apply

Registrations are open for the capacity assessment exams for the attendance of the CTeSP of ISPGAYA for the over 23 years old, for the academic year 2024/2025.

Applicants who are 23 years of age by 31 December, 2023 and who do not have access to higher education can register for the exams.

Passing the exams allows the application to a CTeSP of ISPGAYA under the Special Competition for Access to Higher Education.


  • M23 Registration Form
  • CV
  • School Qualifications Certificates
  • Training Certificates (if available)
  • Declaration of professional entities (if available)
  • Presentation of Citizen Card
  • Other CV supporting documentation
  • After gathering all the requested documentation, you must send it to the secretariat's email:

Ability Assessment

Appreciation of the school and professional curriculum vitae, through an interview.

Conducting theoretical exams to assess knowledge and skills considered relevant for entry and progression in the course. These exams include a Portuguese test (compulsory for applicants without completed secondary education) and a Specific Entrance Test.

Ability Assessment Rating

  • 25% Interview
  • 25% Portuguese Test*
  • 50% Specific Entrance Exam
*The grading applied in the case of students who completed secondary education is replaced by the final grade of the Portuguese subject obtained at that level of education.

Assessment Exams

Course Test
Accounting and Financial Advisory Economics or Maths or Portuguese or Accounting
Computer Networks and Systems Maths
Digital marketing Portuguese or Maths or English
Electronics and Industrial Automation Maths
Innovation Management in Technology and Creative Industries Portuguese or Economics or English
Machine Design and Industrial Robotics Maths
Management and Computing Applied to Business Economics or Maths or Portuguese
Mechatronics Technology Maths
Quality, Environment and Safety Management Maths or Portuguese or Economics or Accounting
SME management Maths or Economics
Technologies and Programming of Information Systems Maths
Tourism Activities Management 4.0 Geography or History or English
Tourism management Geography or History or English


Action 1.ª Phase 2.ª Phase
Enrolment in the Capacity Assessment Exams 11/03/2024 a 31/05/2024 03/06/2024 a 30/08/2024
Information sessions for specific entrance exams 03/06/2024 a 07/06/2024 04/09/2024 a 11/09/2024
Conducting Interviews 03/06/2024 a 07/06/2024 04/09/2024 a 11/09/2024
Portuguese Exam 12/06/2024 09/09/2024
Conducting specific entrance exams 17/06/2024 13/09/2024
Publication of ratings 28/06/2024 20/09/2024
Submission of complaints and requests for re-examination of exams 28/06/2024 20/09/2024
Responding to requests for complaints and re-examination of exams 02/07/2024 23/09/2024
Application for the Special Contest 28/06/2024 a 05/07/2024 23/09/2024 a 27/09/2024
Registration 09/07/2024 a 23/07/2024 30/09/2024 a 15/10/2024

Framework Legislation

ISPGAYA Regulation M23 and DL 65/2018, of 16 August: Academic Degrees and Higher Education Diplomas.


Action Price
Enrolment (within deadline) 150 €
Addition for non-compliance with deadlines 50 €


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